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Nick Jonah Davis / C Joynes / Yama Warashi

C Joynes and Nick Jonah Davis are on tour with their new album, Split Electric, on Thread Recordings. Both firmly established as acoustic guitarists, the album see Joynes and Davis undertake a series of solitary electric guitar explorations.

On the night, Joynes will perform solo electric and Davis solo acoustic.


Nick Jonah Davis is a solo instrumental guitarist from Nottingham, England. He has been acclaimed as 'probably the finest solo guitar player in the land', delivering 'a high-wire act that very few guitarists could pull off'. Nick’s music is rooted in British folk, but also incorporates elements from American Primitive, Indian classical music, free improv and a host of other sources. The resulting blend has been aptly described as 'a highly spirited series of wordless tales', captivating audiences in the UK, Europe and beyond.

Well-established on the solo guitar circuit, Nick has appeared alongside the likes of James Blackshaw, Michael Chapman, Max Ochs and Alasdair Roberts. He performed at the tenth annual New York Guitar Festival and continues to delight audiences with his unique performances.

As well as the current split LP with C Joynes, Nick has released two albums, House of Dragons on Lancashire and Somerset (2015), and Of Time and Tides on the seminal American label Tompkins Square (2011). He was also featured on the fourth volume of the latter's ongoing guitar compilation, Imaginational Anthem, and their tribute album to Michael Chapman, Oh Michael, Look What You've Done.


English guitarist C Joynes, a resident of Cambridge, has a heavy thumb-led finger-picking technique that harks back to traditional country-blues and early ragtime. However, he uses this technique to explore alternative melodic traditions: the English folk-tune; North and West African music; elements of classical Indian music; proto-minimalist and impressionist musics from the European classical tradition. His approach to the recording and compositional process contains a subtle and unassuming experimentation, at times including collaged fragments, field recordings, processing, en-plein-air recordings, and cut-and-paste. (Rhodri Davies).

C Joynes has released 6 albums to date, including, most recently, The Wild Wild Berry on Bo'Weavil Recordings (2012), a collaboration with singer Stephanie Hladowski (fROOTS Editors Choice Album Of The Year 2012, MOJO Top 5 Folk Albums 2012). He has played extensively across the UK and Europe, sharing bills with performers including: Martin Carthy, Shirley Collins, Richard Dawson, Alasdair Roberts and Jack Rose. His most recent release, the 33 Chatsworth Rd EP on alt.vinyl (2015), previews solo electric versions of tunes appearing on a forthcoming release with Dead Rat Orchestra.


Yama Warashi is Bristol-based Japanese musician Yoshino Shigihara's solo project. She plays keyboard and sings songs about mycelium and broken O.

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