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The Lost City of Dunwich, with Laura Cannell / Rhodri Davies / Matt Davies and Milo Newman

With live music performances and conversation from: 

  • Laura Cannell 
  • Rhodri Davies 
  • Matt Davies and Milo Newman

Onomato are delighted to bring together four artists to sonically explore the mystery and intrigue that surrounds the submerged town of Dunwich on the coastal region of Suffolk, East Anglia. 

Matt Davies and Milo Newman will construct an 8-channel sound installation of their on-going work By the mark, the deep. Utilising their field recordings from the waters of Dunwich’s ruins they will create a sonic framework for Laura Cannell, with her evocative over-bowed fiddle and recorder, and un-traditional harpist Rhodri Davies to respond to. 

Hailing from the region, Laura Cannell’s music draws on “folkish mysteries and the stark landscapes of East Anglia's coasts” and the event will begin with a conversation about a shared fascination with Dunwich’s esoteric submerged town.

Tickets £6 on the door.