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Qu Junktions presents: Eric Chenaux / Nzʉmbe

A late-winter Qu Sunday soirée to dissolve into downstairs at Kino. Ingenious guitar/voice alchemist Eric Chenaux (Constellation Records) glides, croons and shreds through a prize crop of his uncategorisable balladry... but not before a burst of tilted Galician romanticism from Nzʉmbe.

Eric Chenaux is an adventurous guitarist, singer and composer based in Paris. Having been an active player in Toronto experimental music circles with a host of group and collaborative works, Chenaux has more recently amassed a body of solo work across five albums on the Constellation label, centering around his dextrous, fried guitar playing as juxtaposed with a gorgeously lyrical vocal style. An ingenious recombinant use of traditional folk, psychedelic pop and consort music in earlier albums has over time evolved into a wholly uncategorisable form of balladry, shot through with a singular vernacular of guitar improvisation.

2015 has seen Eric release Skullsplitter, perhaps the strongest document yet of the exquisite, poetical songcraft he snake-charms from the roiling and changeable sonic environments bedded beneath.

For his Nzʉmbe project, Bristol-based Galician composer/sound artist Miguel Prado pens unusual, dramatic and very often romantic songs that delve into feelings of disenchantment, affection and humiliation. Built upon a musical bed of modular electronics and instrumental fragments, his recordings push forward the sound of the disembodied voice, laid bare in isolation, vulnerability and exposure.