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Aphelion Presents VIII: Sam Edwards / Tlön / DSIC

SAM EDWARDS (London / Beartown Records):
London-based Sam Edwards creates lush dronescapes from processed guitar and synthesizer sound sources, creating a hypnotic, brooding, ambient/concrète head-trip through dark chasms of bass tone, solitary pulses and crystalline refractions. Her "Graceland" release for Beartown Records is a meticulously-crafted record of dark and intense beauty. Not to be missed.

'A lonely rhythm pads toward a shaft of light shearing the dark like a buzzsaw. ...this one-act sound playlet brings down a proper, dirty brick chill onto even the most clement day.'
"Graceland" review - Stephen Fruitman, Igloo Magazine

TLöN (Birkhouse Recodings / Aphelion Editions):
Abstract electronics duo of Stuart Chalmers and Liam McConaghy (Microdeform / Repo Man) come out of a long hibernation for their first live performance since 2014 (!!), in anticipation of the forthcoming second album currently being prepped for release on Aphelion Editions. Expect a deep, immersive journey through myriad paths of tape reconfiguration, ferric decay and kraut synthesis. The time-space continuum may in fact alter permanently.

'‘Crepuscular’ begins with dark beats and haunting synths. Listening to this you definitely feel like you’re walking through an overgrown and dangerous forest at night...You get buzzed by giant insects early on, and later there are growls from larger animals that become quite terrifying in the manner of Ben Frost’s By The Throat.'
"Truth In The 13th" review - Chrissie Caulfield, Radio Free Midwich

DSIC (LF Records):
LF Records' Greg Godwin wreaks havoc with his brand of sonic desecration and corrupted algorithms, forcing crushed code from savage machinery to create a harsh, desolate environment of digital ruin.


£5 advance / £6 on the door