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NEST Conversation #1 w/ Cristina Arctor

NEST is delighted to invite you to the first conversation.
Our first guest is Cristina Arctor!
Why don't you come along to have a tea with us and meet her?

For NEST - Conversation #1, Cristina has create a prototype of a socio-aesthetical illustrated book on Nomadism, titled “The Cyber Nomad”.
Arctor will show and discuss the book at NEST for the first time, and it will later become an independent publication.

Inspired by the Zygmunt Bauman’s concept of Liquid modernity (2007), the author will write an analytic journey regarding reactions and behaviors of millennials.
The millennial is a member of the Millennial Generation (1991) or, as defined by Strauss and Howe, Generation Y.

“Why do we feel the need to disengage? […] Generation Y is making the old stigmas drop regarding man as a sedentary individual who aims to settle. For this audacious generation, the trend is to adopt a nomadic lifestyle, in order to embrace what Zygmunt Bauman would call a liquid society” said Arctor.

“The Cyber Nomad” aims to delve deeper the socio-aesthetical aspects of Nomadism. With this publication Arctor will analyze how XXI century’ issues influence a generation in their regular choices.

Cristina Arctor, class 1990, is a London-based researcher and illustrator, highly interested in socio-aesthetical trend’ analysis and forecasting. ( )

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