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Seabuckthorn / Dean McPhee



West Yorkshire based solo electric guitarist Dean McPhee plays a Fender Telecaster through a valve amp and effects pedals, combining clean, chiming melodic lines with deep layers of decaying delay and cavernous echo. Over years of improvisation and experimentation he has developed a unique style of playing which draws together influences from British Folk, Dub, Kosmische, Post Rock, Mali Blues and Modal Jazz. His releases on the Blast First Petite, Hood Faire and World in Winter labels have been critically acclaimed by The Wire Magazine, Uncut Magazine, Record Collector Magazine, Music OMH, Dusted Magazine, Brainwashed, The Out Door, Drowned in Sound and The Quietus amongst others. He has supported artists/bands such as Thurston Moore (as UK tour support), Acid Mothers Temple, Wolf People, James Blackshaw, Emeralds, Josh T Pearson, The Magic Band, Sharon Van Etten, Michael Hurley, Josephine Foster, Meg Baird, Bohren and der Club of Gore and Charalambides. Dean is currently working on a new album which uses a kick drum pedal to introduce a pulsing, percussive undercurrent to his most recent compositions, as well as a split 7″ with Seabuckthorn which will be released later this year.

“Sublime solo electric guitar reveries that sound like absolutely no one else…pure, unhurried, exotic, and artfully tinged with a touch of unreality. At its best, this album is basically an imaginary opium den for the ears, as Eastern modalities gently unfold in a soft-focus haze and time loses all meaning" (Brainwashed)

“Set within an electric ancestry that includes Michael Karoli’s solos in Can, the hymnal rock of Popol Vuh’s Daniel Fichelscher and the sonic spaciousness of dub, as well as the emotional punch of John Martyn’s dawn-lit Echoplex epic, ‘Small Hours’.” (The Quietus)

“The follow-up to English guitarist Dean McPhee’s 2010 Brown Bear EP, Son of the Black Peace is as devastatingly beautiful as Michael Chapman’s Fully Qualified Survivor, the best of John Fahey, John Martyn, and the most meditative lines Richard Thompson has ever played”. (Popmatters)


Seabuckthorn is the solo project of UK acoustic guitarist Andy Cartwright. Releasing 6 albums since 2008 he explores alternative terrains on six to twelve strings, often with minimal layered accompaniments to form musical landscapes. Cartwright uses the techniques of finger picking & bowing combined with various open tunings to create a well curated mixture of approaches. Falling into the cinematic and soundtrack genres, his music is evident of influences ranging from the traditional styles of Robbie Basho and Jack Rose, to more modern players like Ben Chasny, Zak Riles, and Gustavo Santaolalla with whom Cartwright shares an emphasis on atmospheric and multi-instrumental compositions. Sometimes quietly ambient, often powerfully expressive. As well as live performances around the UK, Cartwright has performed in numerous shows & festivals all over France & the southern deserts of Tunisia.

"You might think that there are enough solo guitarists already, but Cartwright is able to construct a pretty particular sound which makes him stand head and shoulders above the competition. A better comparison is the work of Grails at the time of their classic Burning Off Impurities, though without the post-rock climaxes. Or the film music of the composer Gustavo Santaolalla. The way the high pulsing triplets in opener "Eve Of The Rains" are pulled open by a compelling melody would be perfect for a Iñárritu movie." (Enola Magazine)

"This record doesn't sound like anything else in our collection and on which no label could be placed (we read “panoramic folk” somewhere, there is some of that) – seems to be gaining in thickness and majesty with each listen, where one is wondering if this is the only record we will listen to this summer." (The Drone)

"They Haunted Most Thickly is an act of respiration: inhaling the calm and clarity of the outdoors, ejecting black burden of curdled stress and apprehension." (ATTN:Magazine)