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Landslide Purist ® Iceman Furniss Sextet ™ Wenonoah ® Coims ™

Landslide Purist

Usually seen punishing the drums, Sean Talbot’s Landslide Purist project sees him being equally upsetting behind the piano. Joined by Robin Allender and long term collaborator, SJ Esau, the resulting songs will make you feel good and bad at the same time.


Purveyor of Fine Flesh Pop for Abstracted Humans

Totally raw honesty channelled into pop, both from the chamber and the field. Songs flowing from the inside out. Sometimes dark, sometimes peaceful… sometimes funny but always essential.

Iceman Furniss Quintet

Some of Bristol's most musically interesting musicians, each from different styles come together to create entirely improvised music. Each show is different to the next with deep rooted grooves and textures to the max. Although taking cues from 70s Miles, the No Wave scene of 80's New York, the spiritual jazz movement and post punk, these are mixed and more into an intense and original sound.

Fronted by Harry "Iceman" Furniss (cornet) and joined by Tom Bryan (guitar) Ant Brown (bass) Danny Le Guilcher (prepared guitar) Dan Johnson (drums) Joe Garcia (synths/electronics)


COIMS are an experimental sound duo, often using modern percussion and fretted instruments to create primitive sonic freedom.

Members have previously appeared in The Dagger Borthers, Safteyword, Freeze Puppy and Eftus Spectun

Earlier Event: April 23
Seabuckthorn / Dean McPhee