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Flemmings / Charla Fantasma / Whitlow


Flemmings are an amazing band, David, Mads and Jez are pretty much the best. They rocked my world at indietracks (and my birthday)! They have some amazing songs and they released a really ace tape on Oddbox Reocrds called 'Shake Well Before Use' - Which you can listen to (and buy) via Bandcamp.

Charla Fantasma

Charla Fantasma are Camille, Louise and Elsa. They are a pan-european girlband who will make you smile no matter how bad you're feeling. They like ghosts, spiders eating cows and Jez! Listen to them at Bandcamp.


Keiran's band (with joe, matt and sam) - expect suprisingly catchy songs about head transplants, gastric bypasses and transexuals. Not to be missed. No bandcamp so get to the gig on time :D

There is no excuse but to come to this gig. £4 in return for some amazing songs!