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Stasis: Leaver (BG) / Ræppen + more

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Leaver is a drone duo formed by Angel Simitchiev (Mytrip, Dayin) and Daniel Donchov (Expectations). The project is placed somewhere between deep minimalist ambient and the intimacy of guitar based singer-songwriter music. Leaver has spent the past three years playing carefully selected gigs and live collaborations. These might finish in a breath or stretch longer in time, they might be quiet or loud but it’s always as if the music captured is dripping through the broken windows of lonely, long forgotten homes. In spring 2016 Leaver will be touring to present their debut full-length Head Home.

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Sami influenced Shamanic drones using voice and percussion. This mixed with modern music technology to create hypnotic soundscapes... Ræppen is the work of a nomadic travelling Shaman who travels the planet playing ritualistic drones. Not much is known of the Shaman but when the ritual is performed the Shaman will use hypnotic rhythms to develop a trancelike state to be at one with the spirit world.

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