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Christian Wolfarth // Jason Kahn + Davis // Foster // Grigg // Lash + Flying Down Trio

Christian Wolfarth // Jason Kahn 


Davis // Foster // Grigg // Lash


Flying Down Trio


£5 on the door (reserve tickets by email at




Christian Wolfarth // cymbals - Jason Kahn // voice (USA/CH)


Working together since 2004 in a trio with Günter Müller, the duo project of Christian Wolfarth and Jason Kahn signals a return to their collaboration – this time with Jason Kahn singing and not on electronics. Though both musicians use acoustic sound sources, together their music might seem electronic. Wolfarth's cymbal work often resembles a multitude of oscillators buzzing in and out of phase and Kahn's use of the voice could be mistaken for white noise or a failing distortion pedal. The duo is not just about sound but a direct approach to listening, immersive yet also raw and direct, the music unfolding in realtime, structure and flow changing with each breath and stroke of a cymbal


Matt Davis - Trumpet // Robin Foster - Percussion // Matthew Grigg - Guitar/Amplifier // Dominic Lash - Double Bass (UK)


Initially convened to celebrate the poetry of Sun Ra, this far reaching South West quartet appear here sans oration. Individual practices range from free improvisation to modern composition, via noise & dada performance, together they investigate the fissures in timbral detail and oblique dialogues of free sonance.  


Flying Down Trio (UK)


Mike Adcock // piano, accordion - Mark Unsworth // keyboards - Stuart Wilding // percussion


The Flying Down Trio features members of the Cheltenham Improvisers Orchestra who have played together in different contexts. The music they play is rooted in free improvisation, creating textural soundscapes in which any number of musical events can and do occur, sometimes vibrant and explosive, on other occasions haunting and melodic.