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Monologues Scratch


Scratch night for works in progress by exciting new international writers.

This night has been put together to exhibit work by contemporary writers who wish to have their work enjoyed by an audience, followed by feedback. This will be in the form of conversation with the writer following each of three 20-30 minute performances.

We will also be kicking off the night with a 30 minute spoken word open mic with emerging and established poets! Please arrive early to book your five-minute slot as places will be very limited.

Sinh Kang - Thoughts Aloud
Performed by Tristan Ovington
A philosphical but humorous exploration of what makes us tick, focusing the more basic needs such as eating, sex and pooping!

Jack Duffel - Devil You Know
Performd by Daniel Smith
Mr Eldon is a bank manager who feels his affair with the husband of one of his customers will end his inner misery. But as the affair ends and he comes under investigation for financial fraud, his problems are only beginning as he seeks to solidify his sense of self using diary entries and poetic exploration.

Zoe Smith - Sisters
Performed by the writer
A stream of consciousness, exploring feelings of loss, regret, lust and self-fulfillment from the perspective of a woman desperate to belong but destined to yearn forever for something long lost.