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Projection of the documentary "Memoria Viva" (Living Memory)

- Projection of the documentary "Memoria Viva" (Living Memory)
- Projection of exclusive extra content: Ken Loach Interview
- Debate with the director Antonio Garcia de Quiros

Duration: 2 hours
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English

Teaser :

Over a hundred years after its founding we recover the anonymous voice of a union, the National Confederation of Labour. Through the direct testimony of its protagonists we go through their history, their struggles, their hopes and their dreams. A trip to the utopia of those who carry a new world in their hearts.

General information
The National Confederation of labour achieved the 6 hour day in the Andalusian countryside back in 1936. Some years earlier CNT had also succeeded in implementing labour rights such as 40 hour labour week, setting of a retirement age, elimination of child labour and claimed the rights of female workers.

We now present you a documentary on the entire history of this union from its foundation in 1910 until today narrated by the very protagonists of the story. It is now time to give voice and power to disseminate their experiences: It is part of our history; still unknown to so many, and yet a part so important to be familiarized with now more than ever.
This film shows 100 years of struggle. And yet we are beginning the 21st century with more questions than answers. Is all lost? And if not, what needs to be done? 

Main features
The Living Memory Project began back in 2009 on the 70th anniversary of the end of the Spanish Civil War with the recording of the event, organized in Paris to the Spanish Exiles and the victims of the Nazi extermination camp of Mauthausen. Our goal thereafter focused on collecting the greatest possible number of testimonies related to the history of Spanish anarcho-syndicalism. As part of the celebrations of 100 years of CNT we set up the project, the union decided to fund it and we set off . We travelled 12,000 km visiting three countries relying on the logistical support of CNT and selfless work of their members as well as partners Malevola Films and GuerrillART Colectiva. This is the result:
-80 interviews
-300 hours testimony
-0 actors

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