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A very vinegar bonanza with Kate Goes & the Tara Clerkin Band

We're excited to have the amazing Kate Goes down from Birmingham bringing their very own charming psyche-folk-pop to Bristol. We also have the amazing Tara Clerkin fresh from here debut full length album released jointly on Howling Owl and Stolen Body Records. Should be a fun filled evening of live music at the wonderful Cafe Kino, come grab a vegan sausage roll and enjoy the show! Also, you can grab advance tickets for £4 from Headfirst Bristol (link below) thus saving you pennies for the aformentioned sausage rolls!

Kate Goes
Gawky girl pop trio from Birmingham
'Art goblins with catchy tunes and a flaky whimsical charm' B13 Magazine. Their album 'Animals who want to be other animals' is bloody brilliant andavailable here:

Tara Clerkin Band
Psychadelic Dream Pop from Bristol. Her new album 'Hello" is perfect to listen to on a rainy day whilst you daze out the window dreamily. Or a sunny day. Or any day for that matter! It's available on stolen body recods here:

Lo-Fi Surf-Psyche Pop from Bristol who write songs about feeling blue and feeling pink. Music to be listened to in foggy weather and/or light drizzle.