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Oh, The Guilt & Guests

jackofthearts Presents: The Sub_Jec_Tour

Free admission

Oh The Guilt
A three-piece post-punk band from Bristol.

Oranj Son
A five piece psych-indie band based in Liverpool. Featuring Kieran Linford (guitar & vocals), Matt Linford (keys/synths), Patrick Cummins (drums), Harry Parr (Bass) and Joe Smith (guitar). The band originally formed in 2015 and they released their debut single 'PSYCHO DISCO FACE', followed by a second release called 'STILL'. Both were released on The Label Recordings and can be purchased on iTunes and Spotify. The latest single 'VERKTER 1860' will be released very soon...

The Hot Freaks
Harking and barking from four corners of a misshapen Island, The Hot Freaks congealed on a creative wholemeal slice of rock like a greasy topping of cheddar.
Hillbilly Psychedelic Power Thrash Whingy Punk.

A Standard Model
A dysfunctional abstraction. Weakend punk and electromondaynity. London / Rio de Janeiro / Stoke-on-Trent.

Earlier Event: January 24
Candle-lit Yoga