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OUT-TAKE Ensemble

Doors: 7:30pm

Music: 8:00pm

Entry: Free, with donations taken to cover the musicians' travel expenses.



• Carolyn Chen – Adagio

• Ben Jameson – Silent Doom Disco

• John Cage – Cheap Imitation (extract)

• Harry Matthews – actively listening to me

• Alexander Glyde-Bates – Snare Dance

• Alexandra Spence – to fade, humming

This programme brings together works exploring a variety of OUT-TAKE’s different musical interests.

An important aspect of our recent work has been the investigation of visual and physical aspects of musical performance. The American experimentalist Carolyn Chen’s 'Adagio' and OUT-TAKE guitarist Ben Jameson’s 'Silent Doom Disco' both take this interest to extremes, largely doing away with audible sound altogether (at least from the audience’s perspective). These pieces explore the musicians’ personal emotional and physical responses to different styles of music – in Chen’s case an extract from a Bruckner symphony, and in Jameson’s case doom metal guitar riffs. OUT-TAKE tuba player Alexander Glyde-Bates’ 'Snare Dance' also tests the physicality of the performer in order to investigate canonic repertoire (in this case both Maurice Ravel’s famous 'Bolero' and the historical dance genre), highlighting the percussionist’s potential as a singer and dancer, as well as their drumming abilities.

In contrast, Australian sound artist Alexandra Spence and OUT-TAKE pianist Harry Matthews focus less on visual aspects of performance than on highlighting the relationships between performers and the different types of sound that they can make. In Spence's own words, her 'to fade, humming' 'considers the score as a way to illuminate the interactions between sound, spaces and bodies'. Matthews' 'actively listening to me' also explores the ways in which musicians relate to sound and each other, by asking the performers to react to the pitches played by their fellow musicians, creating a kind of musical ‘game’ that produces unique results in each performance.

The programme is rounded off with a movement from John Cage’s classic 'Cheap Imitation'. This homage to Erik Satie was composed to the same rhythmic structure as the French composer’s 'Socrate', using chance procedures to generate the pitch materials. The version performed in our programme will be taken from the violin arrangement of the original piano piece.

OUT-TAKE Ensemble is a collective of composers and performers based in Southampton, who present experimental repertoire by both young and established composers. Since forming as students at the University of Southampton in 2016, they have performed a series of concerts at different venues in Southampton, and at Bath Spa University.

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