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KURO + support from Grimm Grimm

£5 advance tickets from Headfirst next week!

We can't wait for the next Kuro album, due out in 2019 on Rocket Recordings, but we're lucky enough to have them down in the Kino basement in January, the blackest of all the months.


Agathe Max (solo, Mésange, Winter Ghost, and more)
Gareth Turner (Big Naturals, Anthroprophh, Fuck Authority)

Quietus review + stream of their first album:

"The band are comprised of two Bristol-based musicians Agathe Max, violinist and Gareth Turner. As a classically trained violinist, Max claims that she has “… always tried to avoid boundaries between musical genres in order to create bridges and freedom that allows the instrument to express its potential.” and that “in KURO I feel that I just find the balance between experimentation and a more classical approach in the melodies and harmonies but here again I think more in terms of layers than notes.” On this debut release, this comes together through Max and sound engineer Turner’s combination of psych, drone and ambience.

The name KURO is taken from the Japanese translation of black, and Max says that this is due to a “common passion for Japan and obviously black as a colour. Black can only exist and reveal its beauty because of light so it is not as dark as it can sound, the contrast expresses a radicalness and a minimalism that suits our music.”

KURO also take spiritual influences from music rather than from outside of it; Max expresses the duo’s shared love for “Alice Coltrane, the track ‘Ishtar’ has a lot of influence.” Turner finds that “making music is an emotional soulful spiritual experience” and that he “can’t help being affected by it in that way.”"


“The mood I wanted to create for this album was the feeling of standing in a floating junction of the past, present and future at the same time, something like hearing the sound of singing into the future. I wanted to try and create something timeless that stands alone as itself, something like those old nursery rhymes where people hum the melody, but no one really knows who wrote it.”
- Koichi Yamanoha on Grimm Grimm's second album, Cliffhanger

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