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Sean Addicott presents 'Restless Bursts', with Lucy Gooch & More

Bristol Sound Artist Sean Addicott presents the first performance of ‘Restless Bursts’, the opening movement of his 2019 work, ‘Tapesleep’. ‘Tapesleep’ is a meditation on sleep, composed from the perspective of an insomniac, formed from corroded cassette recordings of acoustic instruments, field sound, and tape feedback. His work embraces ambient and drone music, with apparent nods to William Basinski, Gavin Bryers and Tim Hecker. 'Restless Bursts' on all major platforms January 5th.


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Lucy Gooch
Norwich/Bristol based artist, whose work incorporates loop techniques, synthesizers and guitar, to build gorgeous meditative music accompanied by sometimes-indecipherable vocals, in the same lush verdancy as Julianna Barwick. ’Stalagmites & Helictites’ is bone melting material.

South Wales based Noise artist, whose network of cables and chains creates an intense, powerfully electronic short blast of harsh distortion. Lyrically, the project explores mental health in an abstract form.

New Bristol atmospheric dirging ambient rock, with a flattering embrace of the work of Pygmy Lush, Human Hands and Grouper.

Doors: £5 (NOTAFLOF)

Earlier Event: December 31
Later Event: January 7
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