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Pumice / Rosena / Tom Bugs

A night of eccentric songcraft and noises, built around a rare appearance from New Zealand's Pumice. More info below.


Pumice is New Zealand's Stefan Neville, active for over 25 years now, carving out his own brand of lo-fi psychedelia out of the rich Flying Nun/Xpressway/etc anti-pop pop tradition of his native land. Thriving on the edge of collapse, his shows have been described as a "perfect solo ballet of mini-cassettes, modified guitar, foot pedal drum-kit and short-circuiting spring reverb croon". Although he has recently embraced simplicity, opting to perform no-frills sets using only guitar and voice, he still carries with him the same off-kilter garagey rhythms, snappy pop instinct, and a mesmerising sensibility and depth that makes his music stand out on a realm of its own. Rarely seen touring on this side of the world, this is an unmissable opportunity to witness a true original.


Rosena (formery Wenonoah) is no stranger to Bristol's music community in the past years. A "Purveyor of Fine Flesh Pop for Abstracted Humans", she writes songs with earnestness, clarity and depth. She owes as much to her own idiosyncratic approach, as she does to the long British folk lineage. I first caught her performing a daring and captivating a cappella set opening for Daniel Higgs some months ago, and been itching to see her work unfold once more. She will be the perfect foil to Pumice's unadorned lo-fi songcraft.


Rounding up the night will be another Bristol mainstay, though rarely seen performing that often, Tom Bugs. Known primarily as an electronic instrument maker with his BugBrand machines, he a true craftsman who has made his mark in the synth gear community, and his work there openly hints at a keen musical sensibility and ear. Using some of his current self-designed instruments and latest concerns, he'll be improvising rhythms and textures, reaching for the richness and tunefulness (maybe) of free and open sonic exploration. Most excited to see what he brings to the table!

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